๐ŸงญThe Atlas Project

The Atlas Project is a company comprised of uniquely talented & dedicated persons working to become long-term leading figures within the highly competitive Metaverse & Web3 spaces.

The Atlas Team serves to create products that provide an escape from reality & allows users to interact with different people from all over the world through unique modes of socializing paired with immersive gameplay. While additionally giving way for investors to partake in profitable ventures & experiences through the utilization of innovative features optimized for high scaled earning advantages in the long-term. The Atlas Project works to revolutionize upon the ever-growing concepts & thematics found within the crypto & web3 spaces by offering unique products that will contribute to the expansive growth that this sector is to see within the coming years. The Native Token of the Atlas Project, $ATLAS, is custom designed & fitted with a triple-yield earning structure that works to ensure investors benefit fortuitously in multiple ways on a consistent basis. All of which backed & supported by a sustainable protocol. This revolutionary earning structure consists of the: Rebase Engine, Vault, & Yield Farms.

The Atlas Project also has may exciting products under its fold that vary in developmental progress overall.

The first being the heart of the Atlas Project, "Petoverse Pets Adventure" MMORPG! Petoverse is an interactive animal themed mmorpg being built in the metaverse. Here investors can immerse themselves in a world designed for adventure with a major focus on social elements paired with the ability to earn! Next on the Atlas product watchlist is the "Atlas Super App". A customized mobile app thats features prioritize asset management while introducing social elements in order create an all in one investment/social platform. One that will be uniquely tied into the Atlas Ecosystem & incorporable in all future Atlas products & ventures.

The Road So Far

We are still early on our overall journey, however, the Atlas team; formerly known as the Petoverse Team, has taken great strides over 2022 to work on refining the projects scope & enhancing the development of the initial worlds & stages found within the Petoverse Game/Metaverse.

This journey began in the early months of 2022, where the team behind the Petoverse game had been working behind closed doors towards creating the concepts & laying the framework for what will be the worldโ€™s most entertaining & mass consumable Metaverse/P2E Game yet.

The projects native token $PETO was launched in April of 2022 shortly prior to the market crash that plagued the Second Quarter. Throughout this time existing in the bear market, the Team & the $PETO token performed admirably. However after 3 months of open trading & through intense analysis of the contract features performance, It was determined that an issuance of a newly optimized contract is needed in order to benefit the project & investors. The Team has since come up with the ideal tactics & changes to implement inorder to re-innovate the Project into a mass consumable product & company that will assuredly capture the peopleโ€™s attention on a global scale. For a Detailed Breakdown On All Reasons That Lead To V2 Please Refer To Our Medium Article: V2-A Closer Look <-- These needs for revitalization ultimately culminated into what is now proudly presented to investors as, The Atlas Project For a Walkthrough on The Transition From $PETO to $ATLAS Please Reference our Prepared Medium Article: Introducing-ATLAS <-- This transition in no way affects the developmental path for the project & products found within it. The switch to Atlas is solely a revitalization of our team as a unit in order to unify our core members & expand upon future initiatives as well as appeal to a wider audience as a whole. Atlas serves as the parent company to all products developed by the team. i.e. Atlas Super App, Petoverse MMO

Since the conception of Petoverse & the start of our journey, we have made it very clear that embarking on this mission with us is no short venture. We are here long term to make drastic waves that shape and mold the expectations that each & every project should strive to live up to.

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