🏨Petoverse Plaza

The Heart of the Game & World

The Petoverse Plaza will be the hub of the Metaverse world where the player's avatars are extensions of the player's minds and bodies. This will be the heart of the game as players can perform and partake in a wide array of actions and events, such as: creating guilds, forming of communities, competing in social events, crafting clothes, & minting/trading/selling of their items.

Within our Petoverse Metaverse, There are the 5 Key places that are featured within the City Plaza:

1. Petoverse Marketplace

The marketplace is the transactional hub for all things in the game. This is where users can sell, buy, trade, or auction their costume sets. With limited numbers of matching costume NFT sets obtainable, the marketplace is sure to be a lively, interactive, & profitable place for all.

2. House Of Fortune (HOF)

The House Of Fortune (HOF) is an amazing feature offered within the Petoverse, Here players can win awesome prizes like costume sets or in-game currencies by participating in fun mini-games stylized events. This is sure to be one our major social hubs within the Petoverse.

3. Peto-Tavern

The Peto-Tavern is where players who have met across the land or are friends in real life, can meet up in order to form guilds & set player parties. Typically, Ten to twenty members are allowed per guild. This will then allow users to venture through the game in an array of multiplayer modes. Stay tuned for future updates on lands & purchasable property, with a larger guild hall comes the ability to expand the size of your members & can help boost leaderboard rankings

4. Fashion Mall

We thought it best to introduce a standard store front and fashion mall element into our Petoverse. Thus comes the innovation of the Petoverse Fashion Mall. Here the players can buy unique fashion-related items in order to Create and Experiment with their style and provide a true sense of individuality within the world. Additionally, users can find an extensive range of useable items in game. ie: potions, throwable objects/weapons, etc.

5. Peto-Forge

Players have to collect 6 ( A ) fragment to get ( A ) costume, So after finding or purchasing the required NFT Shards, players can then go to the Peto-Forge & mint all of their unique and cool items onto the blockchain which successfully turns them to in-game items. Once minted, there is no reverting back to shards. This feature is paramount to the gameplay and will keep users constantly populating the Plaza space in order to further advance their sets & power-ups. If users are getting tired / our of luck of collecting specific shards for specific costumes, they can then buy/find it at the Petoverse marketplace.

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