The ATLAS Project

Petoverse Dungeon

A major focal point of the gameplay & a majority of the time people will spend in the game will take place within our intricate & detailed dungeons. It is here that players will be able to engage in combat with a wide range of different enemies, all with the goal of clearing the dungeon and defeating the dungeon boss & their henchmen. To start, We have been developing 3 initial dungeons to be unveiled within our Petoverse. With every dungeon passed, grant you instantly a new character to be utilized within the game. First we begin in the world with the dog avatar & after clearing the first dungeon, players will unlock the cat avatar. Thus making the bunny avatar unlock-able after users complete our second dungeon. This logic will follow as we introduce more dungeons and characters into the Petoverse. These dungeons are one of the most fun aspects of the Petoverse Game & World. Every great hero will always face hardship in their conquest. But none of the conquests are as fun as this one. But remember, you are not alone! Once in a party with friends, players can take on these dungeons with their mates and clear them in record time! Note: Dungeon difficulty increases relative with party rank & individual player stats/level.

Petoverse Dungeons

These main Dungeon Maps consist of several locations found in the Petoverse:
The Undead's Palace
Battle your way through an army of the undead as you search for the palaces hidden secrets and treasures.
Tribe Forestry Jungle
Venture through a cryptic jungle and encounter mysterious runes that lead to mysterious & untold dangers.
Amazonia Forest
OverRun by Bandits & Vagrants who are eager to take not just your items, but your life. Don't Get Caught!
The Ancient Dungeon
A Future Dungeon Expansion Pack to be introduced & found within the 'Undeads Palace' dungeon
Notice: The details and descriptions of these dungeons will become more apparent as we proceed through our alpha & beta testing phases. However, since they are meant to be a surprising experience to encounter in the game, we don't want to show to much and spoil the mystery/fun that is exploring through the games dungeons.