💰Atlas Currency: $ATLAS

The native token of The Atlas Project, $ATLAS, is a transferable representation of attributed utility functions specified in the protocol/code of the project, which is designed to be used as an interoperable utility token in the game / overall Atlas ecosystem.

$ATLAS TOKEN DETAILS Network: BSC Symbol: $ATLAS Liquidity Pairing: BNB Fair Launch: August 19-23rd 2022 PancakeSwap Launch: August 25th 2022 Launch Price: $2.3196


  • $ATLAS will be utilizable within the Petoverse Game & all future products to be released under The Atlas Teams' direction

  • $ATLAS will be the tool to participate in future events in the Petoverse / future Atlas ventures.

  • $ATLAS Holders are introduced to an easy to use & highly advantageous Triple-Yield Earning System.

  1. Holders will receive $ATLAS rebase rewards automatically through the built-in auto-staking/auto-compounding protocol that make up the ATLAS Rebase Engine (ARE) .

  2. With the use of the ATLAS Vault investors are introduced an additional daily mode of earning extra tokens on-top of their constantly growing rebase rewards!

  3. Through The ATLAS Yield Farms the team shall introduce several yield farms with varying pairs, allowing investor to choose a range of options for users to stake their tokens for added gains on-top of their continued Auto-Rebase.

Contract Address: 0x804c1d39789403aC52C42B2aCc999BacF929d778 Audit by InterFi Network: https://github.com/interfinetwork/smart-contract-audits/blob/audit-updates/Atlas_0x804c1d39789403aC52C42B2aCc999BacF929d778.pdf

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