đŸ”ĨInferno Pit

The Inferno Pit is an inaccessible dead wallet in which the token taxes accrued from transactions are sent here to burned. The amazing aspect of this feature, is that every token sent to the dead wallet is also subject to the auto-staking & auto-compounding nature of the $ATLAS token. Making it so that we are continuously burning on-top of every transaction. This added aspect eliminates any inflationary aspect incurred through the rebase protocol.

3% of all $ATLAS sold are burnt in The Inferno Pit.

When trading volume increases, the amount put into the Inferno Pit will also increase. Its most innovative feature is that, not only will the amount of tokens burned continue to increase with every transaction, but as a result of the rebase protocol, each of these tokens is then subject to the auto-compounding process. Thus maximizing the output and drastically reducing the overall circulating supply.

With the likelihood of having an enormous amount of tokens in our trading volume, the risk of inflation without proper measures is high. Due to this protocol, however, the inflationary pressure will be minimized as the tokens sent to this wallet continuously burn. Additionally, due to the deflationary nature of the burn, each $ATLAS token will gain a higher value. Therefore, increasing the overall value of the token. This is critical for the sustainability of hyper-APY projects.

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