The ATLAS Project

Game Roadmap

The Petoverse game concept & initial development began in the early months of 2022 with the aim to create an innovative, longstanding, multi-platformed game/world that allows users to both play & earn
Phase 1: June-October 2022
  • Building Phase: Development of Game
  • Deploying Phase: Game Alpha Test Release
  • Building Phase: Continued Development of Game
  • Game Marketing Campaign
  • Building Phase: Final NFT Development
  • Deploying Phase: Multiplayer.Server Testing
  • Deploying Phase: $PETOGEM Release/Integration
Phase 2: Oct 2022 - January 2023
  • Deploying Phase: NFT Mint/Integration
  • Deploying Phase: NFT Marketplace
  • Deploying Phase: Game Beta Release/Test Phase
  • Building Phase: P2E Function in Final Development
  • Building Phase: PvP/PvE Function in Final Development
  • Deploying Phase: P2E Function Available
  • Deploying Phase: PVP/PvE Available
  • Game Marketing Campaign
Phase 3: Q1 2023
  • Building Phase: Petoverse Plaza and Metaverse in Final Development
  • Deploying Phase: Petoverse Plaza Available
  • Deploying Phase: Full Metaverse Available
  • Building Phase: App Integration
  • Building Phase: Petoverse Expanded World / New Maps
  • Deploying Phase: Expanded World/ New Maps
  • Building Phase: Customized Merchandise
  • Major Partnership/Platform Acquisitions
  • Building Phase: Petoverse VR
  • Testing Phase: Petoverse VR
  • Deploying Phase: Petoverse VR
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