🔐Atlas Vault


The Atlas Vault provides investors with an additional daily mode of earning extra tokens on-top of their constantly growing rebase rewards!

Vault Logic:

- Daily claim amounts to be received depends on the amount of tokens held. Essentially, the more you hold, the more you claim! - Max daily rewards produced in the vault is 1% of the total supply. This amount held within the vault will drop as users claim daily, however it will never surpass the set 1% max threshold, regardless if users fail to claim. - Claim occurs every 24 hours, if left unclaimed the tokens do not accumulate, so users must remember to claim daily in order to get the most use out of the Atlas Vault. - If a holder interacts with the contract (buy,sell,transfer, etc), their 24 hour claim timer will reset.

The Vault is accessible via the Dashboard Found on the Atlas Website

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