👾Alpha Testing

The alpha testing phase of any game-fi project is highly important. Typically, alpha testing is done all in house & behind closed doors. However, our team feels that since there are such a variety of additions entering the project over the 2022 year, that it would be best to separate our major portions of the developments into 2 ultimate testing phases. The first of that being the Public Alpha Phase. The Alpha Testing itself will contain multiple phases that span over a 1-4 month duration, with each phase implementing more & more updates in . order to progress the full rollout of the Petoverse.

Alpha Testing Roadmap

Phase 1: June-July 2022

✔ī¸ Open For Chosen Testers/Streamers

✔ī¸ Desktop Compatible

✔ī¸ Single Player: Dog Avatar

✔ī¸ Exploration Mode: City Hall / Dungeon 1

✔ī¸ Soundtrack/Sound Affect Testing

Phase 2: July 2022

✔ī¸ Motion/Graphic Testing

✔ī¸ Peto Advertisement Spaces

✔ī¸ NPC Integration

✔ī¸ Mock Items

Phase 3: August-October 2022 ✔ī¸ Open For All (PC Testing) <---------- We Are Here

â€ĸ Treasure Box / Item Testing

â€ĸ Integrate Practice Enemies

â€ĸ Test Combat & Power-Ups

â€ĸ Multiplayer/Co-op Testing (Servers)

â€ĸ Multiplayer finalization

â€ĸ VoiceChat & Party Chat UI

We are still early on our overall journey, however, the Petoverse team; now known as the ATLAS Team, has taken great strides over 2022 to work on & enhance the developments of the initial worlds & stages found within the Petoverse Game/Metaverse.

Our Alpha Testing of Petoverse "Pets Adventure" MMO & the first inclusion of the public truly began early/mid June. This initial testing was open to approximately 110 of the most faithful, present community members. This first release was massively well received by those who were included. The testing was additionally well received by the community overall due to the footage captured by those initial testers. Now the community & the world eagerly awaits the "Open To All" phase of testing to begin in late August of 2022.

Alpha Testing FAQ

Q: What will this testing phase consist of? Meaning: what can players do in the game in the alpha release? A: In the alpha release, the players can go through the city hall & the first released dungeon only, but in the upcoming updates, there'll be NPC, NFT/costume updates, and finally multiplayer integration Q: Are there bosses/enemies to battle in the dungeon? A: Bosses/enemies are being prepared and will be released along with the p2e, during the alpha phase we release minions that users can practice fighting with. Q: Are Users Able to Equip Weapons in Alpha? A: For now we will provide a basic Weapon template just for visuals and mechanics practice. Once NFT integration is completed users will be able to equip a wider array of weapons actually found & used within the game. Q: Is it Possible to unlock the three initial characters in alpha phase? (Dog, Cat, Bunny) A: Players will be starting with only the dog character for now, as we go through the other phases of the testing, then more avatars will be introduced alongside the dungeons that must be cleared in order to unlock them. Q: Will there be treasure chests able to be found? If so, what are the prizes? A: Treasure Chest will be implemented during phase 2 of our alpha testing & will initially not contain prizes as we will be testing the drop placements and frequencies. Once finalized and after NFTs/$PETOGEM are introduced, then users can expect to start seeing rewards found within Petoverse Treasure Chests. Q: Will there be a Loading/Start Screen & in game soundtrack/affects in alpha phase? A: Yes, we encourage all users to offer feedback on these cosmetic and auditory features of the project once introduced. We want to create the most stimulating and enjoyable experience as possible. Q: When will P2E be available? A: P2E functionality/Earning Mechanics not offered until $PETOGEM is launched & we enter Beta testing phase. Please refer to the overall project roadmap & the specific roadmaps designed for each testing phase.

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