💎P2E Currency: $PETOGEM


$PETOGEM will be the reward token for the P2E aspect of the Petoverse game. A secondary token is needed in order to not conflate with the supply features found within the native $ATLAS token. $PETOGEM will be able to be purchased on DEX when live or can be earned by playing the game/spending time within the Petoverse participating in community events & contests. Once earned, they can be utilized in game or sold on DEX/Future CEX as a mode of passive income.

Not Yet Launch - Expected Q4 2022


Peto-Gem ($PETOGEM) is the most utilized & adopted game currency used within the Petoverse.

  • The users can use $PETOGEM to buy NFT fragments in the NFT marketplace.

  • The user also can utilize $PETOGEM for in-game skills upgrade at the Forge as well as use the token at a number of interact-able features & installments to be found within the Peto-Plaza

  • Obtainable through community events & in game conquests/player challenges

Details To Be Added Upon Future Completion of Alpha Test Phase & The Introduction of P2E Functionality Into The Petoverse Game

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