$ATLAS is an Elastic BEP-20 token which is hyper-inflationary in nature & continues to grow throughout the rebase protocols functionality instilled within the contract.

Initial Supply: 10,000,000 $ATLAS

Max Supply: 10,000,000,000 $ATLAS

The Atlas Project native currency, $ATLAS, dispenses properties essential for passive income generation through the built in Rebase Protocol which pays each $ATLAS holder through the completion of every block within the chain, making it one of the fastest auto-compounding protocols in existence. The protocol is a self-designed and drafted network and is not essentially a fork of any other project. With its: Auto-Burn, Inferno Pit configuration, optimized algorithms, & elastic range, our tokenomics allow for a much more exponential APY evolution of attainability.

The $ATLAS Token is an Elastic Currency meaning it automatically increases and decreases in volume with the demands of business.

It’s important to remember, that although the supply is always growing through auto-compounding, the supply is also continuously being burnt. 3% of every sale goes to the Inferno Pit, where tokens are stored and burned. Additionally, these tokens are also subject to the auto-compound feature. Therefore the burned supply is constantly growing as well. This system of checks & balances in place and the constant back and forth between minting and burning will work to ensure that we stay well within our set supply range. If needed to ever boost the inferno pit output levels, can utilize tokens from the game treasury.

Fairlaunch Breakdown:

Start Date: August 19th 2022 End Date: August 23rd 2022 Location: Pinksale ---> Here Tokens For Presale: 130,000 Tokens For Liquidity: 98,800 Liquidity Lock: 3,650 Days SC: 50 BNB --- HC: N/A Funds raised: 992 BNB -- 80% to liquidity, 20% to BNB for the contribution rewards

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