🎁Petoverse Chest

Valuable chests that can be found throughout the world & dungeons

Petoverse Treasure Chests are an innovative way in which users can maximize their rewards and earnings throughout their time spent within the game. There are two main features which include the utilization of treasure chest. The first & most frequent application of the chests in the Petoverse is that they will appear all through the game in various random hidden or hard to reach locations. Players will get to enjoy the hunt as they make their way through the game & ever expanding world. The second introduction of chests is found within the dungeons. There will be hidden chests in the dungeon. Encountering these chests result in higher odds for minor rewards or spoof chests. However, upon completion of a dungeon and upon defeating the dungeon boss, Players or their party will receive a large treasure chest with higher odds at an exclusive item or multiple standard but useful items or a larger abundance of $PETOGEM Tokens. One thing Important to note, Chests earned through dungeon and boss completion will NEVER be spoof chests, you are guaranteed some form of reward. There is no capacity to the amount of chests that will be spawned throughout the lifespan of the game. Additionally, these chests will vary in appearance & in items found. When encountering a treasure chest, there are 5 possibilities of "rewards" inside. (these details may vary upon testing and release) 1. NFT Shards - to be minted in the peto-forge for usable in-game items. 2. $PETOGEM - our reward currency & 1 of the key currencies used in the game. 3. Character Accessories - Items that don't affect skills but can be equipped. 4. Potions - Items used to boost stats or health while playing the game. 5. Spoof Chest - Empty Chest, Better Luck Next Time! Notice: Treasure Chest development and implementation will begin during alpha phase testing. But there will be many updates and additions to the early versions of these treasure chests that people encounter within the game. Especially will need to run additional testing as each of the individual items to be found within the Petoverse is released into the game. Treasure chest mechanics & logic are subject to change at any point in time during the developmental process.

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