Virtual Reality, or VR, is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment that can be explored in 360 degrees. Unlike traditional interfaces, VR places the user inside the virtual environment to give an immersive experience. Currently, users can navigate early VR viewings of some locations to be found within our Petoverse. These VR images are 360 degree space in which can be navigated.

The enhanced VR features will be integrated into the Petoverse in the coming future! (expected full integration 2023) As we finish development and rollouts for standard platforms (ie: desktop, mobile, console) we will continue to work diligently to further develop this very exciting and technologically advanced addition to the game, world, & project.

Players will be able to interact with each other in the Petoverse in real-time. There are no limits to the experiences people will feel when fully immersed into our virtual reality.

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