The ATLAS Project

Game Modes

Modes of Gameplay to be found within the Petoverse
The Atlas Team is eager to introduce many styles of gameplay for users to indulge upon throughout their time within the Petoverse. Many modes have rewards/earnings built into the gameplay, whereas others are for entertainment purposes only


Once users find themselves within the Petoverse, they can quickly immerse themselves in the world & gameplay. With this, comes solo adventuring. Which is essentially playing through the game/dungeons on your own and individually grinding your stats. Not everyone enjoys multiplayer games, so we feel a strong focus on single player ability is important. With multiplayer coming out in later stages, all initial game players will start in the solo/campaign format until our metaverse/multiplayer release.

Play to Earn (P2E)

Play to Earn Gaming has become huge in its own right over the last few years, with that in mind, Petoverse Team is thrilled to introduce P2E functionality into the heart of the gameplay & the Petoverse experience. Users will be able to affectively earn our secondary reward token $PETOGEM through numerous of the game modes found present. Most notable, the locations in which users will perform the most of their P2E gameplay, is in the dungeons. Its within these dungeons that users will face off against various different evil enemies & ultimately having to face off with the Dungeon Boss. Upon defeating of your foes, treasure chests will be rewarded containing an assortment of either $PETOGEM or Costumes.


One amazing feature found within some amazing games of the past, is more games inside the game! With this in mind, Petoverse team plans to release a selection of playable Petoverse themed mini-games. These mini-games will be reminiscent of popular mobile app games and will be found within our Peto-Tavern, located in the future Peto Plaza.

Social Leaderboard Events

There will be a multitude of events all with leaderboard rankings and rewards given to those who place towards the top. These events are performed in order to incentivise users in spending larger amounts of time within the Petoverse. These leaderboard events will cover an extensive range of in-game statistics. Wether it be battle record based or socially based. For example: Housing units and land will be made available for purchase in future updates, players & guilds can acquire these locations. Our team will then host leaderboard events around users who can host the largest and longest parties, with a specific algorithm tracking participation & engagement. Users will then receive rankings based on their "Parties" social performance, at the end of the month the leaderboard for this event will close and rewards will be distributed to the highest socially ranked players/groups.


Multiplayer will be one of the main features in the Petoverse Game at later stages. This feature allows for the conquering of harsh dungeon to be done with greater ease. Players from all over the world can conquer a map or dungeon together by creating an attack party from your guild. To create a party, you will need 2 to 3 members from the guild. Once individually ready or once your party is formed, you can the explore and partake among the various multiplayer modes offered: CO-OP - Co-op mode allows users within the same party to enter dungeons as a collective group, enabling them to earn & play at an increased rate. PVP - Player Versus Player mode allows for individuals or parties, to battle other individuals or parties. Here players will be able to stake their ATLAS or PETOGEM on the outcome of the battle. Winner takes all, with a minor fee used to support leaderboard rewards. PVE - Player Versus Everyone is a special mode that comes with special events where players are pitted against all other players in a battle royale styling. Last man or at times, last group standing takes all rewards offered for the event.
The multiplayer mode allows players to play together with friends. Making awesome memories to be shared and cherished together.
The Petoverse team is very excited for the introduction of each of these unique & interactive game modes. More details to come!