đŸ‘ŋDungeon Boss/Enemies

There are many enemies to be encountered within the game, users must defeat them all to survive their adventure and reap the rewards!

In every journey, there will always be an obstacle to overcome. The same goes for this journey as well. Located within every dungeon, there will be residing an Evil Boss and His Henchmen. They will relentlessly try to stop you with everything they have. Your task is a simple one, you must endure each wave of attack and defeat/surive them all. No matter how hard it is. It is crucial for you to survive since the Fate of all the helpless animals located within the Petoverse rests in your hands.

There are 2 main ways for players to attack & inflict damage upon the Evil Dungeon Bosses and their nefarious Henchmen. With Close Range-Attacks and Long Range-Attacks. The long-ranged attack will work best when the Evil Boss or his Henchmen are attacking you from a distance however are typically less affective then close combat. Players can utilize long range attacks by hurling objects that have been acquired from chests/mall or that are supplied with the powers provided by the equipped NFT fragments. The close range attack will leave players open to more attacks from their enemies, however players will be able to deal extensive amount of damage and will be able maneuver skillfully to dodge any incoming attacks. Upon defeating mini boss and bosses on the dungeon, players will receive a treasure chest of in-game rewards or currency. (Typically NFT Fragments that can be used in the peto-forge to mint in-game items and full costume sets)

Notice: The introduction of Enemies and fighting/art stylization will be introduced throughout Alpha & Beta phase testing and with every new dungeon introduction. With each round of testing and with each addition, enemies and fighting mechanics will become more finely tuned as we proceed through the developmental checklist set forth for the Petoverse Game & World.

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