๐Ÿ‘”Costume Power-Ups

With the completion of a full Costume Set, players will unlock especially designed power-ups that cater to enhaced gameplay/skill sets.

There are many different fragments available within the Petoverse, however only full matching sets will allow for power-ups. Equipping non-matching fragments will not grant any boosted abilities and will only apply change in a cosmetic sense. Each full costume & the power thats unlocked provides very useful in-game advantages over those who do not posses them. The first full sets from the first NFT drop to take place summer 2022, are sure to be highly sought after by all interested players & investors!

Starting Power-Ups:

  • Magnet

The magnet in your costume will give users a higher yielding rate of $PETOGEM tokens earned throughout their gameplay and time in the dungeons. This feature only works for a limited time until recharged to prevent players from abusing the feature and taking advantage of the earning eco-system.

  • Shield

The shield is the playerโ€™s protector, the shield will allow the player to take less damage when under attack by a boss and his minions. However, this ability will only work 1 time until fully recharged, meaning that players will not be able to abuse this feature

  • Coin x1.25

This costume is the costume that all people will be chasing after. This costume will give the player the ability to multiply their total coin amount earned after clearing a dungeon by x1.25. This is the power-up that everyone will likely chase after & in return it will likely be the most highly sought out for on the marketplace

Notice: Each power-up is limited to a certain extent to prevent players from abusing and exploiting features of the game. Some power ups may need be adjusted throughout testing phases to ensure proper working order

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