Introduction/General Overview

The Petoverse Game/Metaverse has plenty of adventures that you can soon experience firsthand & will incorporate many interactive features, battlegrounds, & locations to be found and explored within the uniquely crafted world.

Every player's goal throughout the game is to defeat the Evil Boss and his henchmen. Ultimately, to prevent them from hurting the other animals found in the Petoverse. Players will be able to explore and conquer different dungeons that have varying terrains and obstacles. The main gameplay is simple: conquer a dungeon and receive rewards! Of course, like any other adventure game, the villains will fight back, however, it is the heroโ€™s job to save the day!

If the Evil Boss attacks, the players will not be able to either dodge or counter-attack. Each unique character will provide players with their own specific way of attacking enemies or defending themselves. Whether it be a specific stat boosts, or a particular set of skill moves, there are many ways to advance through the dungeons & defeat enemies. After successfully defeating the Evil Boss and his henchmen in a designated dungeon, the player will receive a chest of rewards. The rewards can vary, from $PETOGEM, to Costume Fragments, to Mall Accessories, and will be given completely at random. But, not to worry! If unable to find the items truly desired throughout gameplay, Everything from Costume Fragments to weapons and clothing will be available for purchase at the Petoverse Marketplace! Additionally, with the incorporation of NFTs & costumes comes a unique integration of two very popular project aspects, while providing in-game utility. Each complete costume gives different unique upgrade. Aside from the wide array of wearable NFT fragments, players will also be able to buy & equip other unique items found within our Petoverse Mall. With these items & the future rollout of character feature adjustments, Players will fully be able to customize their avatars to their own preference on what a hero should be.

In the near future, the game will become more complex & as the game development progresses, there will be various map/dungeon expansions & general updates applied within the Petoverse game. Including that of The Petoverse Plaza, which will house different areas for particular utilities. These updates are in line with the continued crafting of the amazing ecosystem & the steady progression of our game development roadmap. In addition, as we expand to multiplayer phases, the Metaverse will then be integrated into the game. This not only makes the game unique, but also adds value to the project as a whole. Ultimately, Virtual Reality will be added, giving an extraordinary first hand experience to all the players of the Petoverse Game & truly take this game to the next level! Petoverse Game will be initially released on Desktop, then move to Dapp accessibility. Afterwards, in plans to roll out Mobile App version & acquiring deal with Steam. Ultimately, Petoverse aims to be offered on consoles world wide with the final endgame of full Virtual Reality integration; giving an extraordinary first hand experience to all the players of the Petoverse Game which will truly take this game and peoples investments to the next level!

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