🌏Petoverse - 'Pets Adventure'

Petoverse is a virtual reality MMORPG Universe & Game within the MetaVerse world that aims to serve as a place of enjoyment & innovation with the inclusion of P2E & NFT Elements. The wide variety of Unique NFTs are to be bought and sold within the Marketplace & can be utilize in game to increase player abilities & earning potential. P2E to be supported by our secondary token $PETOGEM (yet to be released).

Petoverse aims to cover all the varying interests in the crypto space, from being a utility token to integrating newer concepts like the MMORPG Metaverse.

Petoverse main focus is to bring out the Metaverse MMORPG game potential to the space. This animal-themed metaverse adventure game is suited for players of any kind & will focus heavily on community elements that allow users to spend time traveling around dungeons, meeting different people, and build/own their own future residences! All while discovering the unique world that the Petoverse Universe & Ecosystem will have to offer. This space is limitless & our team has many ideas & elements to introduce as we venture through the games developmental roadmap. With a clear path ahead & with the support of an engaged community of investors/interest players, there is no stopping how far we can all go together. The community is wholeheartedly invited to follow along every step of the way & provide feedback all the way through testing phases up until the full game release.

Petoverse is a melting pot of many awesome and successful gaming projects from Sandbox to Axie Infinity. Petoverse's uniqueness will stand out from the growing gaming industry with the adventure that it will give to all players, regardless of the users previous gaming experience & will be highlighted by its appeal to many across the world, both in & out of the crypto space.

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