ATLAS Rebase Engine: Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol

The Atlas Rebase Engine (ARE) is a financial protocol that allows an easier, more efficient transaction when staking. It grants $ATLAS token holders the highest stable returns within the crypto space.

10,000% APY | 500% Price Boost

Our innovative Rebase Protocol & Price Boost Algorithm are custom designed to ensure that the ATLAS contract continuously works to benefit long term investors. By providing a 10,000% APY & surrounding the protocol with features crafted to sustain value long-term, investors & holders are given the ability to immensely increase their financial standings within the project in a stable environment.
This positive rebase protocol within the $ATLAS smart contract consists of auto-staking and auto-compounding features. Yielding the highest fixed APY in the market at 10,000% for the first 12 months. Our ARE protocol grants exceptional benefits for holders of $ATLAS:
  • Easy and Safe Staking - The ATLAS tokens always stay within the holder’s wallet. So, there is no need for a third party or a centralized authority. Holders will automatically receive rewards in their wallets, minimizing the complications of staking.
  • Low Risk with the ATLAS Insurance Fund (AIF) - 4% of all Sale fees are stored in the ATLAS Insurance Fund which helps sustain and back the staking rewards by maintaining price stability and greatly reducing downside risk.
  • Interest Yield with Automatic Payments - You need not worry about having to re-stake your tokens. Interest yield is paid automatically and compounded in your wallet, guaranteeing you will never miss a payment.
  • Rapid Interest Payments - The Built in Rebase Protocol pays each $ATLAS holder through the validation of every block within the chain, making it one of the fastest auto-compounding protocols in existence. (Rebase will reflect in account after a sale has been triggered on the contract)
  • Highest Fixed APY - ATLAS pays out at 10,000% in the first 12 months which rivals anything in the DeFi arena to date. After the first 12 months, the interest rate drops over a predefined Long Term Interest Cycle period.
  • Auto Burning Mechanism - One of the exciting features of the ATLAS Protocol is an automatic token burn system named the "Inferno Pit'' which prevents circulating supply from getting out of hand and becoming unmanageable. The $ATLAS token burns 3% out of all ATLAS token sold on market & all tokens within the inferno pit are subject to the auto-compound feature.

Rebase Epoch Cycle is Enacted Every 3 Seconds Epochs in 1 Day = 28,800 APY Per Epoch = .0000438087%